For the Employee

Time Savings

Finding the next step in your career can be a time-consuming process; working with MEDA to find your next career allows you time to focus on other areas of your life such as family, current career, schooling, etc.  MEDA will meet with you to understand your career objectives and where your skill set would best fit.  We will then market you to our vast network of clients so you don’t have to chase opportunities.  We will not market you without your consent for each opportunity.  MEDA has successfully placed candidates at all levels within an organization across several industries.

Cost Savings

Working with MEDA brings you more than just a career opportunity with one of our many clients.  When you meet with a MEDA Human Resource Associate you will receive resume writing tips, interview tips and career path advice; all for no charge.


Candidates and employees of MEDA are treated like customers.  We work for you to find you the opportunity you want, helping you throughout the entire hiring process.  When working as one of our professional employees we maintain our customer service.  From benefits to vacation policy and everything else, our field employees are treated the exact same as our internal employees.  As a field employee we stay in contact with you during the length of your assignment and conduct formal and informal performance reviews with you and your supervisors to ensure your job satisfaction. 

Contract Work

As a field employee with MEDA you combine all the benefits of employment with the opportunity to gain experience in your chosen field.  Some of our field employees are hired on by our clients; an opportunity they would not have enjoyed had they not worked through MEDA, while others are happy working position to position gaining experience in a variety of roles within different environments.

Direct Work

MEDA also works closely with our clients on recruiting directly for them.  Many of our clients prefer utilizing MEDA instead of actively recruiting on their own in an effort to streamline their hiring process; as a result there are a number of opportunities that are only available through MEDA.