Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

MEDA is a global provider of effective manufacturing, quality systems, and LEAN services. Our engineering and technical services team has extensive experience supporting new programs, model or program changeovers, production fluctuations, all with a focus on delivering quality results. Our track record proves why MEDA is an industry leader and a Tier 1 supplier to many OEM's and their suppliers.

Project Implementation

Implementation of a new project is a task many engineering departments face. The main focus often consists of cost‑saving measures and quality improvement actions. MEDA is prepared to help with both of these responsibilities as well as, assist in the management and implementation of the project to help reach all of your goals and deadlines.

Material Planning

When managing any type of project or program, consideration must always be given to material handling. Material handling involves equipment movement, storage, control, and protection as it relates to the entire process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption, and disposal. MEDA will help your company design a process that will consider all of this for your in-house and off-site material handling requirements through the entire life cycle of the material.

Program Management

MEDA has successfully launched countless products and projects for a variety of industries. Our knowledge and expertise in coordinating all aspects of the process will provide you with an effective solution to launch quickly and on budget. We have extensive experience in a variety of areas such as, manufacturing processes, inventory control, and personnel requirements, MEDA will help you navigate the issues to enable an efficient and productive launch.

Reliability and Maintainability (R&M)

R&M is an efficiency study of production equipment. Analyzing different aspects of machinery can help determine where equipment may need to be changed or upgraded to allow for a higher output. MEDA will analyze your machinery using a variety of methods to ensure output maximization and limit downtime.

Industrial Engineering

Consider MEDA to review your workplace and determine a course of action that can reduce downtime, increase operator safety, and improve ergonomics. We have trained experts ready to design new workstations or review your current workstations that are not performing to standards.

Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering