For the Client

MEDA’s professional staffing solutions will help you remain competitive and capable of managing your growth.

Whether it is a contract to help cover spikes in your business, or direct placements to help ensure your long-term success, MEDA is committed to aligning qualified professional staff to meet and exceed your expectations. This translates to MEDA helping your company meet its goals through the use of our highly professional contract staff.

Time Savings

Fundamental to our strategic recruiting process is our ability to provide viable candidates; this can make the difference during your critical times of growth and expansion so that you increase your competitive advantage. We search, identify, interview, test, screen and verify credentials so you only meet the best qualified candidates

Cost Savings

MEDA is responsible for all recruiting costs such as advertising, resume screening and the detailed interview process. MEDA manages the administrative duties of payroll requirements for contracted professionals. This includes payroll taxes and other related legislated remittances (i.e. Statutory Holiday, Vacation Pay and Worker’s Compensation). Contracting professional staff provides you with flexibility which is essential in today’s business environment. MEDA provides highly skilled expertise when you need it. Not only does this provide a cost-effective solution for extra work loads, it prevents core team burnout that can have a negative impact on productivity.


Your MEDA Account Manager will provide personalized customer service so that the process involved is effective and successful.

They are dedicated to learning as much about your company and the position(s) required. This ensures our ability to provide you with appropriately qualified candidates. Once the candidate is on assignment, the Account Manager provides continuous support to ensure complete customer satisfaction and MEDA employee satisfaction.

Contract to Direct Hire

MEDA understands using a tactical approach to direct hiring. Making the right hiring decision is enormously beneficial to your company however, making the wrong one can be difficult and very expensive. Let MEDA provide you with qualified professionals on a Contract to Direct Hire basis so that your company and its team can make the right choice based on this practical, meaningful experience. Contract to Direct Hire provides your company with the time to assess job performance and organizational fit necessary to ensure hiring confidence.

Direct Hire

MEDA specializes in Human Resources and is a subject matter expert in a variety of technical fields and therefore uses proven practices and techniques to identify people’s skills on two levels; professional and interpersonal. In our estimation both attributes are essential when making a hiring decision that will be long term and highly successful. This process can be time consuming and requires a high level of expertise. MEDA provides this service so that you can focus on your business; its growth and success.