Account Manager / Business Developer

Job Details

LocationWarren, MI, Canada
Job TypeFull-Time Regular

Job Description

On behalf of our packaging client, we are recruiting for a Program Manager/Sales to develop and maintain favorable relationships with new and existing clients in order to increase revenue and deliver the product on time.

  • Ensure that all products and services consistently meet client needs. Help with deadlines, monitor workflow and interact with fellow staff members to ensure customer service level is met
  • Participate in all phases of the project execution from business award through closeout. Prepare reports for upper management regarding status of projects as necessary
  • Work with administration to onboard new customers including financial paperwork, contacts for accounting, purchasing, shipping. Onboarding includes being the source for answers on the customer preferences
  • The main point of contact with the customer: assess customer needs regarding priorities, deadlines, and quantities. Drive team for “on-time” deliverables
  • Review each job for new accounts as it is awarded to ensure the following:
    • The quoted value and PO value match, and that the job is still commercially viable based on capacity and material
    • All the data required to complete the work order is collected from the customer and updated on the
  • Internal Communication:
    • Mandatory attendance at all meetings related to work orders you are managing to review quotes, new sales opportunities, and
    • Work within company E-Data
  • External Communication:
    • Respond to all customer queries within the same business day with an answer or an agreed time for a follow-up
    • Know customer specifications to review design and prototypes
    • Solve customer packaging challenges through direct experience or pulling from the decades of packaging. Correct situations that need resolution; don’t let a problem linger with a customer and engage management support when necessary
  • Job Costing:
    • Watch for work outside the scope of the original work order. Generate Field Order Change (F.O.C.)
    • Be a resource for the specifics behind a project to determine if cost overruns were internal or a potential O.C.
    • Complete required paperwork according to ISO 9001:2015
  • Minimum of 2-3 years of packaging experience, preference given to individuals who have worked in a dunnage company.
  • Effectively manage multiple projects in a fast-paced
  • Provide technical expertise regarding materials, systems, and packaging design
  • Maintain a 6-week outlook to ensure all firm work orders are up to date and on target
  • Maintains detailed documentation of customer communication, processing data, and other pertinent product information and timely
  • Ensure a secondary relationship is developed with customers for continual coverage during holidays, vacations

MEDA offers an excellent referral bonus. Great people know great candidates.
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